If exercise is the task on your to-do list that constantly gets postponed “until tomorrow” … this may be for you – and potentially life-changing. We’re offering a FREE 60-minute workout and consultation with one of Dubai’s top personal trainers to help you get toned and fit forever … even if you’re too busy to exercise.

Let Dubai’s Top Fitness Experts Help You Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

Here at Universal Fitness we help our clients whip their bodies into shape in the shortest time possible … by creating body transforming exercise and holistic nutritional plans – and by bringing the health club to your home, community gym, or outdoors.

If you’re:karens.testimonial1-300x300

  • Sick of your clothes not fitting the way that they should (or used to)
  • Frightened by how fast your formerly toned muscles are melting into flab
  • Dreading summer because it means wearing shorts, sleeveless tops and swimwear
  • Tired of feeling sluggish, irritable, and exhausted all the time


All you have to do is …

Give Universal Fitness 60 Minutes of your time and we’ll show you how to reshape your body permanently…

During your free 60-minute consultation and workout – whenever it fits into your schedule best (morning, afternoon or evening) – you’ll:


  • Learn exercises customized to your body and fitness level to tone and tighten the biggest problem areas most people agonize over.
  • Pinpoint the most important things to do to get your body whipped into shape (do these faithfully and you’ll actually enjoy wearing your summer clothes rather than feeling uncomfortable and overexposed)
  • Identify your long-term fitness goals (how you’ll look and feel in 6 months!) … and then set realistic short-term goals to ensure your path to success.
  • Invest in a fitness plan that’s right for you … so you don’t waste a single minute on exercises that can’t deliver the results you’re looking for.

In other words … you’ll discover how to get on the fast track to a toned, healthy body that you’ll be proud to show off in summer clothing.

Limited Availability – Claim Your Session Now!

Committed to your success,
Dubai’s Premier Weight Loss Specialists

P.S. Bring your partner, neighbour or friend to your consultation and we’ll give them a free training session too!


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