Swing Yoga


Universal Fitness is more than bootcamps alone.

We can also address more health specific goals such as posture, flexibility and mobility. An ideal and fun way to address these goals is through the format of Swing Yoga.

Swing Yoga is a great way to ensure you maintain flexibility and mobility in order to complete the full package of overall health.

IN A NUTSHELL? Hanging upside down from the ceiling on silk ropes whilst doing yoga.

WHAT IS IT? Swing yoga involves two bands hanging from the ceiling a little wider than shoulder width apart. On the bottom of the bands you hang a wide piece of silk material, which becomes your swing. You can adjust how high or low the swing hangs on the bands so it can be skimming the floor or level with your chest (and anywhere in between). You use the swing as a versatile support to help get the most out of your yoga poses, as it enables you to stretch further and deeper into the movement. The swing also enables you to do full inversions (including postures which require you to be upside down).

DIFFICULTY RATING: It is not that difficult to do, but you need to have some faith in yourself.

NEED TO KNOW: Not good for people who have high blood pressure, but fine for pregnant mothers.

DETAILS: Swing yoga can be taught on a one-to-one Personal Training basis in the comfort of your home. A Universal Fitness coach can perform a site-spec to inform you whether you have an appropriate ceiling for the equipment (either a re-inforced ceiling or fixed beams upon which two small hooks can be fixed). Alternatively,  classes can be performed in an outdoor environment such as a park provided there is somewhere suitable to rig the equipment.

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